About Us

Islamabad Tours is a leading Destination management company driven by its outward looking vision, with 4 years of experience in the tourism industry, in all its sectors; Rent a cars, hotels, transportation companies, outgoing and ticketing, throughout this journey Islamabad Tours has formed an unparalleled understanding of the industry and its needs. 

Islamabad Tours is committed to serving customers with professional care and giving them optimum satisfaction. We inspire people to travel and explore to further enrich their lives. We aim to meet and supersede all tourism requirements by using advanced technology to ensure fast and efficient service to our clients


General Manager’s Message 

At Islamabad Tours, We ensures a high degree of quality in services and yet our prices are incredibly reasonable. We can promise you the best deals with the most satisfying and enjoyable services so that you will yearn to return. We also provide all tours, excursions bookings online to facilitate our respected customers.

Muhammad Usman


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